Midnight Arrow

Midnight Arrow

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Stephanie By Loved_One Completed

Sixteen-year-old Addison Munro, nicknamed Addie for as long as she can remember, is a simple girl with simple desires. She loves the sunshine and quietness that is her small town of Orange Grove, Florida.

But then, her parents receive a perfect job opportunity in New York that they just can't pass up. Much to Addie's displeasure, it's out with the sunshine and in with the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Things go from bad to worse when she meets Aiden Ryder. A sarcastic, but totally gorgeous, boy that gives himself way more self credit than deserved. When she unfortunately finds out he lives in her building, she's just about ready to call it quits with this "moving thing", and run back to Orange Grove.

And if that's not weird enough, a mysterious thief inexplicably saves her and Kimberly, a redheaded ball of spice that she manages to befriend. The mysterious thief is apparently infamous among the people of New York City. He has girls swooning at his feet, goes by the name Midnight Arrow, and just so happens to aim one of his arrows right at Addie's butt. Literally and figuratively.
But maybe there's more to Midnight Arrow than it seems. Maybe he has a past, an enemy, and someone he wants to protect.

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Saditte Saditte Apr 01
There's really no point to raise an eyebrow if you are wearing a mask... Just saying.
kaileyxoxoxo kaileyxoxoxo Oct 11, 2016
I've heard good things about this books and OMFG IT SEEMS SO GOOD SO FAR!!!!!😭😍😂
Ozzysweet Ozzysweet Jul 10, 2015
just want to clarify that stealing does not suddenly make someone beneath you. or scrum. he's scrum because he killed them and laughed about it. he wouldn't be scrum if he was starving and hadn't killed or really mugged them. just stealing something to survive is something to be pitied.
divergentxo divergentxo May 17, 2015
Im not brave enough fir this guys. I need to reread superman stole my panties first
Samz_Samz Samz_Samz May 10, 2014
Ok as soon as I read the description I'm like OHHH ITS LIKE THE TV SHOW ARROW
bradford_babe bradford_babe Mar 29, 2014
I love this story already ! Normally some people are unable to write from a thirds persons point of view (Like me) But you did well !