Peck: A Book - Chapter 1 - In Which Peck Becomes a Woman

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JLHohler By JLHohler Updated 3 years ago
Peck: A Book, is the sometimes funny, sometimes tragic story of Cecilia Peck, the only child of a woman with little regard for commitment or the durability of marriage. Determined to set her own path in life, Peck finds out too late that many times it’s harder to avoid the mistakes of earlier generations than she thought. 
    Told in nine overlapping stories, from her first sexual experience as a teen, to college, marriage, motherhood, and finally, middle age, Peck: A Book, is the story of one woman’s lifetime struggle to come to grips with who she is and who she wants to be and realizes that sometimes, it really is ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’.
    This portion is the first chapter of the novel, Peck:  A Book, which is available on Amazon for the Kindle and in paperback form, and also for the nook on Barnes and Noble.
This story is fantastic - and not just because I wrote it!  My wife even liked it, and she hates everything!