Half A Heart (Vanoss Crew Fanfic)

Half A Heart (Vanoss Crew Fanfic)

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Living in a crime infested city diminishes all of your hopes of making it out alive in the illegal trade. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, everyone in the society gets affected either way. And if you want to squeeze yourself onto the ladder, you have to play with dirty money. So in this case, its dealing products beyond the law.

And this is basically every day of Amberlee Jackson's infamous life.

Working for one of the biggest gangs in the city and trying to wheel and deal under the radar isn't easy, but she always gets it done. Even if it means risking her life. 

All for the vengeance of her brother.

But what shall happen when her path crosses with another? And what will their odds be of getting along if they are on completely different sides?

Who can she trust?


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I'm using my own character instead of Raven. MUAHAHAHA I'm so evil!
SkylarPayne13 SkylarPayne13 Jul 24, 2016
Your writing style is do beautiful, it keeps dragging me in.
Im-an-aquarius-pttwo Im-an-aquarius-pttwo Jul 02, 2016
Fun fact: la Puerta means "the door..." A weird name for a bloody freeway if you ask me XD
IFukkedUrMom IFukkedUrMom Nov 06, 2016
I can only read Ryden which makes me think milk fic and I just drank 3 cups of milk and I'm not okay
itsnotryanross itsnotryanross Dec 12, 2015
You know what I like more than my Lamborghini, KNOWLEDGE 😂😂😂😂