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Five Nights at The Pack's

Five Nights at The Pack's

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Swift By SwiftKhaos Completed

'He ran down the hallway, his heart beating at an alarming rate before he finally came stumbling to a stop in front of a large door that had a sign hanging loosely on it. He paused and stared at the door as he caught his breath in small gasp that shook his small frame. Though when he heard the soft sound of footsteps he swung the door open and hid himself inside. He stood in the dark using his hands to reach around him to feel his surroundings. When he stepped back his foot caught on something limp and he stumbled back, he threw his arms out to catch himself and gave a small cry of pain when he felt a sharp piece of metal pierce the skin in his left palm. He froze. Sitting in a puddle of unknown liquid and cradling his injured hand as he felt his heart racing, had he heard him? His answer was the one he dreaded when he heard the slow creak of the door opening. He raised his head slowly, his eyes not wanting to confirm what his ears already heard. Finally in the dim light of the hallway he could only sit there cornered as the man's large shadow towered over him.'

When Rob had agreed to take the job at his father's restaurant, the thought of dying never really crossed his mind. Though now with every night that passes, out smarting the pizzerias android mascots becomes more difficult and the nights seem to grow longer with each passing hour. Though Rob's curiosity to find out the truth behind these androids behaviors drives him to return to solve the mystery of The Pack's Pizzeria. A curiosity which could lead to his success...or his downfall.

*Mature Content because dude it's a crossover of FNAF that stuff gets dark*

Eve_Shadow_Wolf Eve_Shadow_Wolf 6 hours ago
AcceptablePancakes AcceptablePancakes Nov 21, 2016
It's called putting people in a romantic relationship for our own amusement
TheAwkwardShipper TheAwkwardShipper Oct 30, 2016
Lol MITCH JEROME AND MATT'S OLD CHANNEL....ah the good old days
Friendsrock101 Friendsrock101 Apr 24, 2016
The thoughts are basically mine whenever im dead tired or close to passing out
TheAwkwardShipper TheAwkwardShipper Oct 30, 2016
I love how sarcastic he is..... Tbh I would think the same thing 😂
IWillEatYourDog IWillEatYourDog Sep 03, 2016
Don't bother me and my pack, and we'll me fine.. We are trained to kill, ya know