Divergent (a FourTris story) [DISCONTINUED]

Divergent (a FourTris story) [DISCONTINUED]

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Anne :) By Three_Brave_Ravens Updated Feb 06, 2016

This story takes place after Tris' initiation but Tris and Four aren't dating yet. The gang went to play a little game of Candor or Dauntless at Uriah's place. Will Christina, Uriah, and Zeke hook Four and Tris up? Will Fourtris happen?

Read the story and Find out.
This is my first fanfic so I'll just have short chapters.
I really suck at summaries so yeah..
I hope you guys live with that...

By the way, the ships are:
Four and Tris: Fourtris
Zeke and Shauna: Sheke
Will and Christina: Chrill
Uriah and Marlene: Urilene

LYNN!!!! Yaaaaaaayyy!!!

This is a NO WAR STORY...

Credits to the Amazing Veronica Roth!

Hope u guys enjoy....

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Tris_Everdeen13 Tris_Everdeen13 Mar 12, 2017
Well when that happened Zeke was with them not in the control room
Danni_Xy Danni_Xy Feb 25, 2017
Lynn never gets love >~< As much as I ship Uriah and Marlene, I've never read a book where Lynn and Marlene get together, that would be my dream :0
Aaleyahxox Aaleyahxox Dec 05, 2015
For your first book i think its awesome try reading my first book it SUCKS
DivergentfourLife03 DivergentfourLife03 Aug 14, 2015
FINALLY!!!! I CANT STAND THE PETRYNN OR LETER IN EVERY STORY! I mean it's cute that they're together, just not in the beginning. I wanna usually know how they got together