Chemistry (Completed)

Chemistry (Completed)

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Alyssa D'Alessio By T3llatal3 Completed

I reached for my bag and a huge gust of wind slammed against my house, then somebody knocked on the door  rapidly repeating the same tune of the knock. 

"Give me a second!" I screeched as they were still knocking.

I ran over to the  repetitive knocker and quickly flung open the oak wood door noticing a surprise. It was Dean.

"Dean?" I yelped In surprise. 

He's facial expression made it seem like he had important news.

" I need to tell you something." He walked inside as if he owned the house.

I closed the door behind him waiting for him to open his mouth.

He walked up to me grabbing the sides of my head passionately kissing me.

I kissed him back. We pulled apart and he looked ready to talk.

"What's going on?" 

I was  brutally confused at the concept that he would walk into my house and just kiss me, what's going on? I stayed still letting him know I was paying attention our eyes meet.

"Lisa, come with me." He grabbed my hand as if he were proposing to me.

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T3llatal3 T3llatal3 Apr 11, 2015
@louisluver99 hahaha ^_^ sorry if you find any mistakes I'm still editing
T3llatal3 T3llatal3 Apr 06, 2015
@TheGirlWithHope143 omg the episode where they all had the flowers and candles in the hallways by the locker made me cry I cried like 6 times it's so sad cause he's really dead )=
T3llatal3 T3llatal3 Apr 06, 2015
haha Yes preach ^_^ and sorry if you find some errors I'm still editing @paeesha
T3llatal3 T3llatal3 Apr 06, 2015
@paeesha on Netflix they only have glee from season 1-5 sadness and I already finished it ): haha sadness ^_^
paeesha paeesha Apr 06, 2015
The throwing slushies at their faces part reminded me of Glee.
T3llatal3 T3llatal3 Apr 03, 2015
@katelynwoodward @IsabelleAnneWalker @AydenSomers @DestyH111 @EthanC01 kawaii  please vote and read if you want and no curse words  thanks