The Perfect girl( A Dean Ambrose FanFiction) [#Wattys 2015]

The Perfect girl( A Dean Ambrose FanFiction) [#Wattys 2015]

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"Jonathan Good!?"

Me and Jonathan both looked up and saw this gorgeous woman standing in the door way of the catering room. she has long brown hair that  reached shut underneath her breasts and she had these big green eyes that I swear just stared right into your soul. Jonathan looked confused for a moment then he instantly jumped up from his seat grabbing everyone's attention including mine. we all watched in shock as Jonathan smiled for the first time since we've know him.


she smiled "you remember me?"

he laughed and ran over to her bringing her into a bone crushing hug, his eyes lit up as he pulled away at arms length.

"how could forget the perfect girl?"


Emileigh Carter is a small town girl that has had a dream since she was just a little girl and that was to be a WWE Diva and not the one that just sat and looked pretty, she wanted too be able to bring back the old WWE ways. which included her being able to be in matches with the guys. when she was fourteen she had met Jonathan Good a boy that was always finding a way to somehow run right into her. they become friends and soon become inseparable but soon his dream of being in professional wrestling come true and he leaves her behind with a goodbye and a 'I hope to see you again soon'.

Jonathan never forgot his dear friend Emmy, he actually had gone back to his home town to see her but she wasn't there. turns out she had moved to get away from some personal problems. Jon tried so hard to find her but he soon gave up and just waited for the day that god would grace him with her presence again. little does Jon know that she was already on her way and she was going to be his new coworker.

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Mittensisnotonfire Mittensisnotonfire Mar 03, 2016
Got everyone's attention that part made me laugh, seeing dean Ambrose just randomly jump up and everyone looks like "Dafug bruh?"
IceCream_Hugs IceCream_Hugs Aug 10, 2015
Oh, dear, I just got punched in the face with feels. So cute. <3
SkysTheLimit99 SkysTheLimit99 Apr 09, 2015
Awwwww, I found this story in the FanFic Club Posts, well I didn't make a mistake choosing this
- - Apr 08, 2015
my face is literally burning red with the feels i got from this chapter. you're really good :-) ★★★★★