Neighbors (Davekat)

Neighbors (Davekat)

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sp00kyJish By sp00kyJish Updated Jan 02

Dave Strider.

Jock of the century. 
Leader of leaders.
God of gods.
King of kings.
Most ironically loved guy in High School, every and any girl and/or guy loves the ironic bastard.

Except for one, tiny hot-headed loud mouth who everyone finds cute but denies it.

'I hate everyone and everything'
Just your average asshole, in a very interesting way, actually. No one yet everyone knows he exists.
Don't ask how.

So, what happens when a teacher ironically decides to partner these two up for a project?

Either hell will be raised or closet doors will he unlocked and/or opened, if you know what I mean.

NightmareAnimations NightmareAnimations Nov 19, 2016
NightmareAnimations NightmareAnimations Nov 19, 2016
WaywardSonKAZ2Y5 WaywardSonKAZ2Y5 Oct 18, 2016
Me: *is sixteen years old*
                              Random person: how old are you? Twelve?
                              Me: *=>Be Karkat* FCUK YOU A$$HOLE
NightmareAnimations NightmareAnimations Nov 19, 2016
Wouldnt it be funny if Dave refers to him as none of ur fûcking business?
YourMomH8SU YourMomH8SU Nov 14, 2016
OK so at first it was karkat<>sollux and now its karkat<>erisol for me
Y e s  m y  c h i l d .  H o w  d i d  y o u  j u s t  f u c k i n g  n o t i c e .