Hugs and Kisses (BoyxBoy)

Hugs and Kisses (BoyxBoy)

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Pwincess Stawy By Stary-Eevee Updated Nov 26, 2015

-Oliver's POV-

The man smiled holding me close. How dare he just do that to my body then think it's okay to touch me?! I don't care how much he spent on not right... I'm not a slave, I'm not a baby. I don't like this! You can't just buy someone force them in a diaper, and expect them to be your b*tch. I refuse to have s*x with him I get beat. I refuse to wear the stupid diaper I get beat. it's a lose-lose with both types of things he uses me for. 

He's about 30 something and I'm only 13...



Help Me....

Amana00 Amana00 Apr 07
He's three and has a f*cking phone!? Bitch i got mine when i turned 15!!
creaturetheawesome creaturetheawesome Dec 07, 2015
Wait how did a 3 year old know how to text but everything else was good
Shaelindrebaby Shaelindrebaby Aug 21, 2015
noooooo!!!! it's a good story but he shot mommy and daddy...sad face...:(
breezybri17 breezybri17 Jul 14, 2015
What an interesting first chapter. I like how you left a cliffhanger cause now I want to read more.