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Part of World, Mermaid of the Sea

Part of World, Mermaid of the Sea

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Sayrose Oyuki By skylergray Updated May 06

(Sting x Reader x Rogue)

(Y/N) (L/N) is the water dragon slayer. She joins the Sabertooth guild once she heard the Twin Dragons were in that guild. With Fairy Tail gone, Sabertooth reigns as the number guild in Fiore. Although Sabertooth had three dragons slayers, what happens when the Twin Dragons fight over the third one? Will the Mermaid of the Sea find love or end up turning into sea foam? Inspiration from the Little Mermaid.

Yay now I feel like killing my self because CRAMPS UGGG just got sudden shot of pain that felt as though I was being stabbed ugggg
This reminds me of the cow who jump over the moon for some reason, and I don't know why
Am I the only one who accidentally read asriel the first time
I like water and rain.. THE SMELL OF FRESH RAIN IS AMAZING!
                              Brain: You're being weird again.
Hair: Long purple hair with a strange but natural Silver streak down the front right side of my long fringe ( emo fringe were it covers my right eye lol I have that irl X3) 
                              Name: Lunar
                              Last name: Okumura
                              Eyes: Right eye is Gold (covers by hair) Left eye is Pink cause fuq it why not mate