I Swear

I Swear

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ToTheStars58 By ToTheStars58 Updated Apr 08, 2015

"I swear by the First and Last that I will live, breathe, and die for the freedom of all people with magic in their blood." 

The First was powerful. Powerful enough to start a century long war that enslaved anybody with magical tendencies, despite the fact that he was one himself.

The Last is a hope and a promise. A promise that one day it all will end. It wasn't a prophecy or a threat. It was a title reserved for the one who ended the war. A title that many tried, and failed, to earn. 

Leonine Monett was born into captivity. She was raised under the oppression of dictators who enslave or kill anyone with magical problems, except the ones who oppress them. Anyone suspected of the crime is forced to wear a bracelet that absorbs any and all magic from the person wearing them. Leonine's last hopes and dreams of a better future were extinguished when her parents were taken away when she was ten. 

Five years later, she does what she is told and does it without a fight. She doesn't fight when her neighbors are taken away and aren't return. She doesn't fight when it's her friends, and she doesn't say a word when she's forced onto a bus in the middle of the night without any explanation. 

That's when  she's rescued by the Diviners, a rebel cause that's fighting for what Leonine thought was long lost. What's even more surprising is the fact that they all have their powers, and when they take off her bracelet, so does she. 

She can melt into shadows, can control flames that burn as black as night, and things beyond her wildest imagination. She is the last Shadow Walker in existence. The rest have been killed for working with the First back when it all started. Leonine isn't exactly all powerful though. She has little to no control over her newfound powers. 

As she makes friends and witnesses the best and worst of the world, she starts to believe in the Diviners and what they stand for. Freedom and magic to all.

"I swear by the First and Last that hope is not lost."