Потери Гардиан-The Lost Guardian

Потери Гардиан-The Lost Guardian

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Amy By Bandz_BVB_TDG Updated Apr 02, 2015

Name: Omega/ Потери Гардиан(The Lost Guardian) part of the Forgiven Angels

Age: Unknown (Over Five hundred years)

Appearance: Unknown

Job Description: Assassinate, infiltrate

Birth planet: Unknown

Weapons: Spear, Bow and Arrows, Guns, Sword, Knives, Axe

Possible Languages Known: Russian, Krogen, Zyphgen, Clroih, Rewx, Vryjhol.

Description: The Lost Guardian is a ruthlessly hunted individual famous galaxy wide known assassin employed under Chaos. He is credited with over one thousand  assassinations in the last two years alone. He has been an operative under Chaos for over five hundred years.
A normal persons ledger would be gushing red now, but no, not Omega's. 

Possible Team Members: Silver Arrow(assassin), Dark Angel(assassin), Light Angel(assassin).

'I am Omega Son of Chaos. 
You want to find out more about me?
 Let me fill in the blanks.....'