She's Not Normal (Camren)

She's Not Normal (Camren)

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A small girl catches my attention one day during lunch and I can't seemed to get her off my mind. My new friends and others advise me to stay away from the brunette. I'm new to the school so I don't know much of anything but I can't figure out as to why someone so cute and petite could possibly be dangerous.  Every time I ask, everyone's response is "She's not normal..."


ATTENTION - If you're a grammar freak, I don't suggest reading this. This was mainly written when I had no idea what I was doing yet. My grammar sucked and I had many choppy chapters. If you make it half way through the book, I promise it gets better. 

Currently in process of editing. 

(Started: April 2015 - Finished: Aug 2016)

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Okay I was going to read but now all of you scared me and im running away, sorry author I hate heartbreakers
First time. I just had a cruel heartbreak and I think camren could fix that. U better not make me cry again😂
Alexrue26 Alexrue26 4 days ago
Dude what I've read this before how did I forget what happened?
jheyhen007 jheyhen007 Nov 29
I really wanna read this but based on the comments I think Im not ready yet...
bernjergi bernjergi Nov 21
I’ll be back. I’m just not ready for another heartbreak rn coz I’m going through it myself lmao imma look for Camren fluff first ttyl 👌🏼
I would have liked to there to have been more interaction or something between the two. Even if she was just staring, a twilight twist/feels wouldn’t have hurt either. Skipping to the bell made it fall off a bit. Still decent chapter so far. 😂