The Unexpected

The Unexpected

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Mina🌙 By MinaRose1889 Updated Oct 12, 2015

I felt the hard ruff wall against my back as I made contact with it in a bang flash push.  I gasp in obvious surprise and pain, he's body was so close to mine. One of his hands were in the side of my head blocking my way while his other is placed below my belly button, holding me from moving.

"And where do you think you're going, Darling?!" he ask in a low yet strong scary tone. His breathing is heavy and really slow; his forehead was nearly an itch away from mine. My breathing stop, having him so close felt good somehow...also terrifying. 

He chucked as he sees I do not...well, cannot answer. God his smile!  Perfect teeth and his smell...what am I thinking?!

"Let me go" I say as I instantly wake up from my day dream.  He chuckles again while moving his head to side giving me a smirk. 

"I can't do that Darling." He says calmer, looking at me as he shakes his head.  

"Why not?"  I whisper unable to even speak cause of his very, very intense approach. He gives an amuse look to then go back to the dead serious stare, but with still amuse in his eyes. 
"Why, You ask? Because you belong to me and Only Me." He whispers a soft growled to my ear, my entire body bristled over that.

"Mine"  He moan a growled as I gasp wen he raps his harm around me.  Shit! What do I do now?
What happens when your life turns upside down unexpectedly? From a simple life to a...complicated one.  Love is all they say they need, but there's more to that; blood will spill and tears will fall, which of those make her strong?  
Nothing is always what it seems or what you want them to be. She didn't planned for this, this isn't what she wanted.  For the first time in her life, she didn't know what was real or not.  All she know is that she never-ever thought that this would happen to her.