Chosen Pure blood [ON HOLD]

Chosen Pure blood [ON HOLD]

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Capital D By PinkFlower0019 Updated Apr 02, 2015

I am walking in the dark alley on my way home. Alone. The Night is beautiful with a full moon that serves as the light in the darkness of night. The cold breeze hit me that sent shivers down my spine.

I’m from my school meeting and some club arrangements. The school is soon to end and I’m about to turn 18 next couple of weeks, a month to be exact.

I hear the wind whooshing again and again. Suddenly I can feel that someone is watching me. every move, every step, and every single reaction. That makes my walking pace faster but not considered as running.

The only lamp across the street near by switch off. It is the perfect scene that you see in horror movies which ends the one person will be killed. I take a few deep breathes to keep my heart beat at the same pace.

   From the turned off  lamp I can see a shadow start to make it’s way to me. The figure is a bulky man that wears all black. That’s really creepy. He worse big hat that covers most of his face any exposing his deep ruby lips and pale skin. I notice that there's a red liquid dripping in his lips which he licks instantly.
   I want to speck but I cannot utter a word. Words cannot describe the tension I’m feeling. Before I new it he slam me at the wall with a great force and he sank his fangs in my neck. I got a glimpse of his dangerous red eyes.
That makes the black dots visible and makes my vision blur. That was it. I passed out.

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