Boarding School

Boarding School

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Court By supremewalkers Updated Aug 20, 2016

At the age of 11, all children with a supernatural power or ability are sent to Larutans Pure, the boarding school for the Supernatural.
Life is as normal as it can be for a group of supernatural teens; getting drunk, having sex and basically fucking everything up. 

Meet the group:
Scott McCall - Your average fuck boy who likes to get drunk, but ironically can't
Stiles Stilinski - A sucker for books and certain strawberry blonde, yet still acts like Mr Popular
Isaac Lahey - The flirt with a big heart
Liam Dunbar - Crazy about sports, but surprisingly clumsy and shy
Lydia Martin - The girl with a brain bigger than her head, who lies to herself about who she loves
Allison Argent - Girl next door with a dark past
Kira Yukimura - Cute fuck up, who can make even a pencil feel awkward
Cora Hale - Your not so average popular girl, who's a feminist
Malia Hale - So strong she can die and come back

A story of Love, betrayal and death, welcome to Boarding School.

madsourwolf117 madsourwolf117 Sep 30, 2016
He said he could do magic and my mind immediately started thinking Benny from My Babysitter's a Vampire
IDoNotDoSports IDoNotDoSports Aug 14, 2016
*dies of heartattack*
                              Doctor: looks like another dead fangirl again. What was the ship this time?
                              Nurse: StiCall. Teen Wolf.
                              Doctor: Another Teen wolf one?!
_RoscoeStilinski_ _RoscoeStilinski_ Jul 16, 2016
That moment when he secretly has a family called the Russo's. And he has a brother named Max and another named Justin and his sister Alex
stydiayeah stydiayeah Aug 02, 2016
This is so cute. Kinda of like a flashback when Stiles fell in love with Lydia.
heathven heathven Oct 15, 2016
I'm re-reading because honestly this is one of the best stories I've read on here
IDoNotDoSports IDoNotDoSports Aug 14, 2016
Flashback to Hogwarts y'all. 
                              *tears stream* Remus. Sirius. Dumbledore. *has complete meltdown* Why FRED?! WHYY?!!