Boarding School

Boarding School

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At the age of 11, all children with a supernatural power or ability are sent to Larutans Pure, the boarding school for the Supernatural.
Life is as normal as it can be for a group of supernatural teens; getting drunk, having sex and basically fucking everything up. 

Meet the group:
Scott McCall - Your average fuck boy who likes to get drunk, but ironically can't
Stiles Stilinski - A sucker for books and certain strawberry blonde, yet still acts like Mr Popular
Isaac Lahey - The flirt with a big heart
Liam Dunbar - Crazy about sports, but surprisingly clumsy and shy
Lydia Martin - The girl with a brain bigger than her head, who lies to herself about who she loves
Allison Argent - Girl next door with a dark past
Kira Yukimura - Cute fuck up, who can make even a pencil feel awkward
Cora Hale - Your not so average popular girl, who's a feminist
Malia Hale - So strong she can die and come back

A story of Love, betrayal and death, welcome to Boarding School.

He said he could do magic and my mind immediately started thinking Benny from My Babysitter's a Vampire
*dies of heartattack*
                              Doctor: looks like another dead fangirl again. What was the ship this time?
                              Nurse: StiCall. Teen Wolf.
                              Doctor: Another Teen wolf one?!
That moment when he secretly has a family called the Russo's. And he has a brother named Max and another named Justin and his sister Alex
stydiayeah stydiayeah Aug 02
This is so cute. Kinda of like a flashback when Stiles fell in love with Lydia.
I'm re-reading because honestly this is one of the best stories I've read on here
Flashback to Hogwarts y'all. 
                              *tears stream* Remus. Sirius. Dumbledore. *has complete meltdown* Why FRED?! WHYY?!!