Ricky's Twin (O2L fanfic)

Ricky's Twin (O2L fanfic)

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Chanci Jo Karmina By chanci_jo Completed

Book 1- Ricky's Twin
Book 2- Tara's Twin
Book 3- Shadow in the Illusion
Book 4- Enemy of Immortality

An ordinary girl with good grades, music, and autism. 
But what happens when her dad gets shot and she is forced to live with her twin brother which she had no idea existed?!

Famous YouTuber and musician who lives with his roommates and part of his famous YouTube group o2l, Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, and Jc Caylen. 
Will his life be turned upside down when he finds out he has a twin sister?!

Read this story to find out!

Also this story does include some cutting and other possible mature subject so viewer discretion is advised!

But to anyone who is going through cutting I support you 100% and wish you luck!

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GraceHowell44 GraceHowell44 Jul 30, 2016
Da f are British eyes? A girl at my school once told me I had a British laugh and I was just as confused then as I am now
Aew1029 Aew1029 Jul 23, 2016
My big brother has autism 💙 I'm a year late from this story but oh well. P.s love it so far.