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Mrs.Sugareatsfaceoff By missingpiece_ Updated May 11, 2015

I've always noticed the way his nose wrinkled when he smiled. How his eyes shimmered when someone spoke appropriately to him or when he found something that caught his interest in class. I noticed how he walked home from school, how people made fun of him. I noticed that he thought of me as shit, he would always inspect me with a disapproving eye. 

Just like everybody else. 

I bet he didn't know I was just as smart as him, or that I would stand up for him. I thought that because he was judged, he might understand what it felt like tobe put a label on, and might not criticize me or downright underestimate me. 

Gosh, making him fall for me would take a lifetime. He must hate my guts like everyone else in this d.amned town. 

There was something about him that made me want to change. Change for the better.