Did You Miss Me?

Did You Miss Me?

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Elyse By Wickedlyellie Updated Sep 25, 2017

Lilly has the four best friends. Carter, Adam, Ian, and David. When she's twelve, she moves away so her mom can follow a boyfriend she's had for only a week. This leaves Lily heartbroken because she cant be with her best friends. 

Five years later, Lilly goes back to live with her grandma and wants to spend her senior year of high school with the best friends that she hasn't seen or heard from for the past five years. Sadly, there's a problem. None of the guys are friends with each other anymore.  The troubles of high school has  torn the four boys apart. Lilly wants to mend the tear, but she's dealing with her own troubles. Troubles that she doesn't want to talk or think about. 

Will Lilly get all the guys to be friends again? Will she find a way to deal with her own problems? And will she fall in love with a boy from her childhood?

  • comedy
  • crying
  • drama
  • fight
  • friendship
  • high
  • hot
  • humor
  • kiss
  • love
  • mom
  • same
  • school
  • teenagers
  • triangle
pjl2210 pjl2210 Jan 29, 2015
You seem a bit concerned about being plagiarized...its good, but its not that good nor is it original.
brookyviv45 brookyviv45 Dec 03, 2014
i hate oatmeal as well it reminds me of puke so i dont eat it
voddiesbabe voddiesbabe Apr 21, 2014
I was like that with my nan but sadly she passed away. Anyway back to the story sorry
voddiesbabe voddiesbabe Apr 21, 2014
Thats a bit harsh isnt it for a mother usually they are over protective and dont want you to leave the house until you are sixty
chewthebook chewthebook Oct 06, 2013
I love this story. It's unfair that your story doesn't have half the reads that it does on Goodreads:(