Older ||| h.s.

Older ||| h.s.

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"Not yeah. You also missed something."

"Yes, daddy."

In which a ballerina and a drug dealer hit it off.


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*deletes Wattpad account* 
                              *deleted Wattpad from phone* 
                              *throws phone at wall* 
                              *deletes existence*
WELL OK, SHIIT MAN, YOU JUST MET H- actually no, he’s probably been stalking her for months
I know he looks like God but he is just the devil in disguise
whyareyouasking whyareyouasking Nov 22, 2017
Damn harry is never gonna get in your pants again if he sees you talk that way to your mom
honeyrave honeyrave Jun 11, 2017
obviously you dont. people dont throw flowers at you man. i took dance classes for eleven years and no one ever threw flowers, not even during performances the older teens and adults would do