Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu  x reader

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu x reader

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Just what the tittle says

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"togami and fuyuhiko don't exactly see eye to eye..." maybe thats because fuyu  is 5'1" and togami is 6'2"
Oh so he painted Shinsou’s Hot AF face?
                              He just became my husband because of that painting
Kailahel2022 Kailahel2022 Aug 07, 2016
I am in LOVE with Fuyuhiko!! ( Its sad, but he's so cute!! )
AshTheNerp AshTheNerp Aug 23, 2016
                              Don't stop!(make it pop!)
                              I love than song!!!
                              I thought I was the only one who liked it!!!
                              GOT MA GLASSES
                              IM OUT THE DOOR
                              IM GONNA HIT
                              BEFORE I LEAVE
                              BRUSH MA TEETH WITH
                              A BOTTLE OF JACK!!!
                              (Sorry not sorry
                              No regrets~)
XxXMelodyChanXx XxXMelodyChanXx Nov 13, 2016
:3 baby gansta! :333 baby gansta is just...TOOOO CUTTTEEEE I wut it and we are now bffs and if anyone takes u away I'll kill em cuz u watched soul eater with meh!!!
Despair_and_Hope Despair_and_Hope Feb 18, 2016
(Y/N) CHOOOP!! * karate Chop his head like Maka from soul eater*