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Blindly Running into Trouble

Blindly Running into Trouble

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evryday_imstumblin By evryday_imstumblin Completed


"Basically this story is about Avan who is a blind, grumpy, moody, arro-"    

"Okay! I think they get your point." Avan shouted at Ciara who pouted in return. "Fine then why don't YOU make the blurb" Ciara huffed and turned her back towards Avan.   

"Why did you have to make her so annoying?" he turned his attention to the author, who is still trying to figure out where they came from.   

"Annoying! Oh I'll show you annoying" Ciara then proceeded to hit Avan, "Stop hitting me women!" He yelled and blindly tried to deflect her assaults.  

Ignoring their bickering, the author turned her attention to her computer and wrote to her readers.   

-Avan was blind from the age of 10, leaving him a grumpy person- "Ha! She wrote you're grumpy" Ciara told Avan "I am not Grumpy!" Avan came up from behind the author. "Babe just let the author write the blurb" Ciara patted his shoulder.   

-until he met annoying little Ciara- "Hey! I am not annoying and definitely not little!" she exclaimed. Avan laughed and mockingly said "Let the author write the blurb babe" he put his arm around her shoulder; Ciara shrugged it off and then started to read out loud while the author types.    

"And if they don't leave my sight in the next 3 seconds, I will delete their asses..." both of them froze while the author looked smug. "Hey Avan, I think it's time to leave." Ciara quickly grabbed Avan's hand and pulled him away.   

"Finally!" The author exclaimed and then continued on with her blurb.   

 -both were complete opposites and yet similar in different ways. With Ciara by his side, Avan finally sees what he could not before and together they will take over the world mwhaha! P.S Ciara rules and Avan drools...literally!-   

"Ciara!" the author screamed as she can hear distant laughing.    

[Ps-this story is only for the slightly insane, has no clear plot & its just random]

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- - Jun 17, 2016
I usually love your book endings especially Next Level Player
desrving desrving Mar 26, 2016
Ive read this book 4 times on different occasions and i will never get tired of reading this
xsugadaddyx xsugadaddyx Jun 12, 2016
Oh my god😂. When she describes her bff as 'normal' in a sarcastic way you know she is telling you 'she's a freak and is totally not normal!'😂😂
MarreeD MarreeD Dec 02, 2016
I feel like this book was made for me and my kind. Y'know, the crazy one's spitting out nonsense about the end of the world. :-D
00crossfire 00crossfire Oct 15, 2015
*Random lightning stikes the wattpad system and this comment forms* ..... Apples.
00crossfire 00crossfire Oct 15, 2015
Jeez she is going to harass him and you also don't pity him, the blind don't like pity especially if its a guy.