My Stepbrother. (5sos)

My Stepbrother. (5sos)

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Jessica's POV

"Jess, where are you?" My dads worried voice entered my ears through my iPhone. 

"I'm at the airport.. I don't see you though?" 

I had just gotten off a long flight from America, my mum and my dad split up a couple of years ago and she wanted to move on with her life. 

Recently, she has gotten a new husband and basically abandoned any thoughts of me. 

It sucks, so I decided to move to Australia as my dad had asked me too when I called him to tell him about my current problems. 

"Jess?" His voice pulled me out of my thoughts quickly.

"Yeah, sorry?" I mumbled.

"Is.. Is that you?" I looked up and saw nobody that I recognised.

"I'm by Gate 6" I looked towards the sign and then continued to scan my eyes around the modern airport in any search of my dad.

"I think that's you" his voice seemed a little louder causing me to spin around in the direction that it came from.

My breath hitched as I began to feel emotional, my eyes became itchy with fresh tears and I immediat...

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Uh.. Tyler Joseph was the first person I had in mind. 😂😂