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What I've Lived | ✓

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leilani By ceraunophic Completed

➳ Based on a true story. (semi-fic)

in which a boy's life is completely destroyed. 

All Rights Reserved © 2015 LeiLani Lopez

[Cover by @lets-defeat-the-huns]

{Highest ranking: #950//shortstory}

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kaailer kaailer Jan 24
Why is she so worried that a dude isn't paying rent. All her dad has to dye is take him to court
nerdypandareader nerdypandareader Dec 14, 2016
at the age of twelve!? Oh gosh, you're a genius in writing then! 😱
shotgunned shotgunned Dec 01, 2016
I was twelve years old when I wrote my first good story and I will shamelessly say it wasn't that bad so this can't be all that terrible
mba_sxd mba_sxd Feb 08
Wait...what...why so fast i didn't except something like that...I'm-
youjustsmile123 youjustsmile123 Jun 01, 2016
as soon as i see real story, it becomes ten times more emotional and scary
miele- miele- Jan 02
I'm 16 and still suck at writing (one of the reasons i never publish) 😂😂