Rider.  (August alsina story).  3RD BOOK

Rider. (August alsina story). 3RD BOOK

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August is bae By kreed91 Updated Apr 11, 2016

2 years later

August P.O.V

As my fans wave there hands and scream i love u i look at how much better ive done with my life 

"They dont ever see u like i do  

First thing when u wake up before u put on your make up  

And they dont really know u like i do  

Cuz with me u aint the same u aint got to run no game" i sang as i bobbed my head with the beat sweat trickled down my face as i danced and walked around the stage i loved my fans. I luv this shit came on i got on my securities shoulders so i could go into the crowd it was a lot of grabbin and pulling den dey touched my dick i told them to put me back on the stage

"Ayyye yall got me fucked up touchin my dick and shit arri gone whoop yall ass" i said through the microphone with a laugh they laughed and cheered on cue as arri came out she was so beautiful i couldnt imagine life without her i put my arms around her as we swayed back and forth and i sang make it home 

Arris P.O.V 

I was glad i was here with august soon he had to ...

Flexgawd_c Flexgawd_c Jan 04, 2016
August you have to learn to say no watch when they get older and disrespect you,you gon be mad
Taja_Gemini Taja_Gemini Oct 03, 2015
I've been addicted to all these book it's like reading empire or something
stevieball31 stevieball31 Apr 14, 2015
Ur stories are bomb and I finna read that otha story u got. so I can be a numba one fan lol  but can't wait for the update. and if you want,you can use some of my outfits off of polyvore for a little "extra help" ig
stevieball31 stevieball31 Apr 14, 2015
I was actually hoping that I August will be the one to hit them arri would be the one to baby
Flawlessly21_ Flawlessly21_ Apr 02, 2015
Yass. I got a new addiction @kreed91 lol. Hunnty you be doing your thing with these books