Life is UNFAIR

Life is UNFAIR

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EyamHiga By EyamHiga Updated Jun 07, 2016

Lisanna is back, Lucy and her became close friends. But when Natsu and Lisa became a couple, their friendship broke and she told Lucy how weak she is. Lucy quit the guild, but not permanently, she will train 8 months in the forest. But one day, Team Nastu saw her in the forest training with her spirits ...

Lucy trains with the Dragons with Luccaz and Wave

Who are they? 
Read to find out! 

This is kinda Revenge, but more like 'Moving On', 'Getting Stronger' and 'Having Fun'

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maxdevilboy maxdevilboy May 15
Natsu you are and idiots  if you new she loved you then you wouldn't do this to her
Crying already *too sensitive* DIE NALI *tears start falling down my face*
Psh, what do you want her to do? Lucy kick you till you fly to mars along with lasagna?... Wait..... That's actually a good idea!!!
Look i love your story. But PLEASE get someone to check where you put the enters and check it with grammarly or something. 
                              It would make it a lot easier to read
It's a ....stuff when you try so hard to be strong and end up heartbroken 😭 and train and fighting in secret