Love or Hate? (ereri/riren)

Love or Hate? (ereri/riren)

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ao_kokoro By ao_kokoro Updated Dec 01, 2016

Who said games are bad?
After all, I met you on League :)

WARNING: This is my first fan-fiction and story shared to public. I was experimenting with writing on Hanji's insane level and just basically having fun. I was also a fucking retard at tenses so if you cannot stand a story jumping around with tense, this story will PISS you off. I am improving but I still suck no doubt. 

Cover credit!
I was given permission by oekaki-chan.tumblr to use her work as my cover :) check her blog out! Beautiful art style and she makes a few short touching comics. Her art style is frikin amazing, basically you should throw everything down and it check out! XD 

Anyways, give my story a shot and if you like it then I am glad. Just one more thing, the story kind of started because of League of Legends but I couldn't make it the main focus... Thank you for reading this good-for-nothing description and enjoy the weird story I somehow wrote through pure enthusiasm and excruciating efforts to squeeze out words. Oh yeah, the earlier chapters suck, the rest isn't awesome but better. I cringed when I reread my first few chapters XDXDXDXDXD

note - longest paragraph in history ^^^^^

Hey so after god knows how long (blame my procrastination and nonexistent motivation) this has come to an end. I decided to just go with whatever I had drawn before my motivation disappeared so now that that is done....... it's time I leave this account. Good bye my awesome friends :) although I do not know you very well, you guys made me laugh to tears with your comments and it was a great journey (ESPECIALLY how you tolerated my absolutely slow updates and postponed plans/promises which I still feel bad about -.-). To all of you, thank you very much for keeping me company over a year of my life. It's been wonderful :D the ereri fandom is a very uplifting family (too dramatic? :P srry I'm a bit emotional).

GobletSky GobletSky Dec 12, 2016
well... you could be a prince being rescued by a prince in reality. you never know. it could happen... maybe... 😅
emma-charles emma-charles Dec 25, 2016
                              add me if you want to 
TaetaesHair TaetaesHair Dec 29, 2016
I always spill food on myself whenever I eat, so I relate with Eren
xXThatAnimeNerdXx xXThatAnimeNerdXx Dec 06, 2016
Story of my life xD I stay on the computer so much i forgot to do homework lol.
ThatFailedKid ThatFailedKid Dec 05, 2016
Hollyleaf1616 Hollyleaf1616 Dec 28, 2016
I don't know why I'm laughing, it's just the way I imagined the spit flying on the students I guess