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Love or Hate? (ereri/riren)

Love or Hate? (ereri/riren)

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ao_kokoro By ao_kokoro Updated Dec 01, 2016

Who said games are bad?
After all, I met you on League :)

WARNING: This is my first fan-fiction and story shared to public. I was experimenting with writing on Hanji's insane level and just basically having fun. I was also a fucking retard at tenses so if you cannot stand a story jumping around with tense, this story will PISS you off. I am improving but I still suck no doubt. 

Cover credit!
I was given permission by oekaki-chan.tumblr to use her work as my cover :) check her blog out! Beautiful art style and she makes a few short touching comics. Her art style is frikin amazing, basically you should throw everything down and it check out! XD 

Anyways, give my story a shot and if you like it then I am glad. Just one more thing, the story kind of started because of League of Legends but I couldn't make it the main focus... Thank you for reading this good-for-nothing description and enjoy the weird story I somehow wrote through pure enthusiasm and excruciating efforts to squeeze out words. Oh yeah, the earlier chapters suck, the rest isn't awesome but better. I cringed when I reread my first few chapters XDXDXDXDXD

note - longest paragraph in history ^^^^^

Hey so after god knows how long (blame my procrastination and nonexistent motivation) this has come to an end. I decided to just go with whatever I had drawn before my motivation disappeared so now that that is done....... it's time I leave this account. Good bye my awesome friends :) although I do not know you very well, you guys made me laugh to tears with your comments and it was a great journey (ESPECIALLY how you tolerated my absolutely slow updates and postponed plans/promises which I still feel bad about -.-). To all of you, thank you very much for keeping me company over a year of my life. It's been wonderful :D the ereri fandom is a very uplifting family (too dramatic? :P srry I'm a bit emotional).

                              CALL THE DOCTOR 
                              THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME, 
                              WOAH, HE'S A MONSTER WHY DO I WANT HIM? 
                              PLEASE TELL ME, PLEASE TELL ME
What's does a normal person do in the morning? I will never know.... *stares into the distance dramatically*
                              Mom: what are you doing?
                              Me: wondering the meaning of normal
                              W E 
                              M U S T 
                              K I L L 
                              A L L 
                              T H E 
                              T I T A N S
theboyishgirl888 theboyishgirl888 6 days ago
Why do I think of her like Red in South park??? Wtf brain XDXD
Mimzy2005 Mimzy2005 May 27
Little did hr know...he starts writing poems about eren later on '0'
LMAO “radiated unicorns and sparkles” 
                              *slowly turns to Hanji and Petra*