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Dark Phoenix     --Nico di Angelo/Harry Potter Crossover

Dark Phoenix --Nico di Angelo/Harry Potter Crossover

150K Reads 6.5K Votes 39 Part Story
コードグール By miaandme2 Completed

The Order of the Phoenix, a secret organisation held at No. 12 Grimmauld Place, London. It wasn't Nico's idea to shadow travel all the way across the Atlantic Ocean from Camp Half Blood, Long Island in New York to England. Nor was it his idea to arrive there just in time for the school term, AND to be thought of being a spy for the Dark Lord...precisely...a Death Eater. But Thanatos would've tasted simply DISGUSTING! These people really thought he was such a cannibal of some sort? But no one is keen on letting him go. How would the campers react to his disappearance? But most importantly, why does the whole story reek of death?

Awesome cover by @lostamongstars
Read her work, Hope of Morning if you like Code Geass and PJO/HoO Series.

uwuwhatsthis uwuwhatsthis Aug 21, 2016
I hate Percy so much sometimes lol
                              And sometimes I love him
                              Shut up Percy you hurt Nico
Phanseyelash123 Phanseyelash123 Nov 02, 2016
Did u mean that was FRANKly amaZHANG hahahaha ha. I'm great. No?  Oh... Ok then
- - Feb 09, 2016
You know what's going on, Nico? 
                              LIFE. Life is going on .Oh, and a fanfiction... hehe....
words_in_a_book words_in_a_book Jan 05, 2016
Not wanting to sound rude but there are two "was music" here. Just trying to help
RealisticWriting RealisticWriting Dec 30, 2015
This is hilarious! Death Eater Nico. Why didn't Harry assume Nico is Snape's kid hehe?
Callighan Callighan Oct 23, 2015
Yeay.. its about nico di angelo.. I like all about olympus and percy jackson