Goddess of Alice [Gakuen Alice fanfic]

Goddess of Alice [Gakuen Alice fanfic]

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This may or may not be entertaining for most of you since this is my first time writing a fan fiction, so please bare with this for a while. This is a fanfic about an anime called Gakuen Alice or also known as Alice Academy made by Higuchi Tachibana. If this anime is unfamiliar to you then I suggest that you watch it first since you probably wont know a single thing or characters in this book and you will only be lost during the whole story.


"So. . ." Narumi broke the awkward silence forming during the long ride headed towards the academy. At the back of the car sits two young boys who were silently staring outside the car window, watching the scene rolls from tall buildings to tall trees looming over them, from a bright blue sky into a dusky orange one from the light of the setting sun. "You'll gonna love the academy. The cafeteria is filled with amazing food made by the finest chef from all around the world, and your dorms will be luxurious than a 5 star hotel and also--" H...

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This is me...I'm known as the jacket girl in my school even in my old one
FunnywolfHoney FunnywolfHoney Jul 12, 2016
Well I would laugh but It would be very loud and when you meet in real life at first I will be akward and my is quiet and when you really get to know my voice loud as hell! XD
Tsukiko_48 Tsukiko_48 Dec 14, 2016
She may be weird but ur gay narumi(I have nothing against gay people, only narumi)
Dark_Angel_1011 Dark_Angel_1011 Jul 22, 2016
I don't get why people thinks it's weird  she is hiding with her bangs, they do it all the time in anime and mange
Tanilovesanime Tanilovesanime Nov 28, 2015
This is gonna be great! I just read the most recent update of your other story Natsumes first love so I have very high hopes for this story!
HollyMahWifue HollyMahWifue Aug 16, 2015
me while reading this : ooooooooohohooooooohohoooooooohohohooooooooo
                              guardian : what's wrong with you why are you making that wierd sound?
                              me: dunno.... oooooohohohoooooo