Dragon Riders: First Flame (Lesbian Story)

Dragon Riders: First Flame (Lesbian Story)

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Griffin By GriffinWest Updated Feb 05, 2017

I'm fixing the entire book and then continuing the storyline. If you have a better summary than this, please help.

When "average" teenage girl Kelsey Williamson gets a vision that changes her life, she is brought into a whole new world. Facing many dangers along the way, Kelsey will be forced to adapt from her old way of life, turning into a sword-wielding, arrow shooting, warrior.

Blue eyed and black haired Amber Ty's life gets turned upside down when a new girl falls into her arms in the middle of a fight. Not the best entrance to be sure, and definitely not the way a high ranking officer of the Dragon Riders should be greeted.

The two will be forced into traveling together in an attempt to stop the tyrannical King Jakeer from succeeding in his plans to overthrow the Dragon Riders empire.

*Authors Note* I want to thank GallopingGlader for the awesome cover!! And I also want to let you know that I might add some cussing and... Ahem... Rather... Private scenes so yeah.

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BeeKienitz BeeKienitz Dec 06, 2016
Riding a motorcycle to get piano lesson? Are you sure this isn't me?
geek342 geek342 Mar 14, 2016
This is really cool! You are a world wielding writer. Love the skill you put into creating this world.
geek342 geek342 Mar 14, 2016
Nice detail. And fun sounding characters. A good combo! Reading on...
- - Apr 06, 2015
I like this entire paragraph. It's got a fair amount of detail and clarifies 'dark dragons' for future chapters. :D
- - Apr 06, 2015
Interesting so far! I will read on. I like your ability to put detail into atmospheric description!