Identical Partners??

Identical Partners??

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♣Cloud Victorique Ahksen♣ By Cl0udMusic Completed

This story happens when the Generation of Miracles are still in middle school up until they reach high school. 

What happens when they encounter a group of girls who has the same hair color as theirs and ALMOST the same personality?? 

Kindly read the story to find out.  


Kuroko no basuke does not belong to me.  

I only own my OC's and the plot.

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Jeon_Seoyeon Jeon_Seoyeon May 20, 2017
Ate? Big sister. Hindi ko alam na may ate na goddess sa greek mythology ha.
Violet_game Violet_game Nov 01, 2017
"half spanish and half japanese"
                              that sounds like tamaki from:OHSHC
BlackFairy0811 BlackFairy0811 Sep 15, 2017
This is the first fan-fiction i read with an even slightly canadian character.
                              Yayyyy!!! Im canadian!!!😁
OozoraHime OozoraHime Oct 22, 2017
When I first read the chara name I didn't quite know who it was UNTIL........
                              Throwing golden SCISSORS!!!!
Cl0udMusic Cl0udMusic Jul 10, 2017
ATE is sort of a minor goddess and not part of the 12 major Olympians.
Kagura_7096 Kagura_7096 Jul 19, 2016
You name tetsuya female ver with tetsuona it's like tetsu-ona ( mean: tetsu girl )