Deathly | ✓

Deathly | ✓

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Finding a (very cute) dead boy was the last thing Lydia expected after applying for her summer job at the old library. She also didn't expect to fall in love with said dead boy (who cant exactly return the favour because he doesn't you know, have a heart) and find out a past she wasn't expecting.  

#28 Paranormal: 10/09/15

cover credit: @futboI

yeah well they say temperatures drop when dead people are in the room ((:
This is only the first paragraph but I'm hooked. Anne, your writing is beautiful 😍
Jasper=Casper who happens to be a friendly ghost. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH ALREADY LOL 😂❤️
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this is random but @istoleapizza did you steal the whole pizza box or a slice? 😁😁
elysiani elysiani Jul 08, 2016
Oh no. I like open endings but idk how I feel about it here. Oh well, reading anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
authorology authorology Feb 19
Great grand daddy asf 🍆👅🍑 wyd tonight boiii?? Okay I'll stop 😂