My World Is Changing

My World Is Changing

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Soulfire100 By Soulfire100 Updated Feb 17, 2016

Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived
Hah, that's gonna change. (No, he won't die)
Harry's world changes during potions class. Wings and markings pop up. Just what creature is he?
Could his enemies be friends?
Could his friends be enemies?
Who is on his side?
Surprises, secrets, lies and truths will unfold.
WARNINGS!!: Mentions Of Abuse, Manipulative Dumbledore, And Other people. 

Yup, that's about it.
Don't like, don't read.
P.S. I won't say this but once,
This Rightfully Belongs To JKR!!!!!!!!!!!
If it were mine, well, the story would be different and most people wouldn't have died.

P.P.S this is a drarry fic. Don't like, don't read

DragonZyron DragonZyron May 04
I can't help thinking of how nick Jr used to be called noggin now
Totally_Not_Sirius Totally_Not_Sirius Apr 01, 2016
Exactly! Even voldemort has looked up "why won't Harry Potter die?" @
maddog1974 maddog1974 Jan 06
He's got a point...kinda like Percy Jackson 'The-Pain-In-The-Ass-Teen-That-Won't-Die-Without-Any-Sass'
But... your noggin is your head. WHY DID THEY OPEN THEIR HEADS IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?!?!