Deviant Fixation (COMPLETED)

Deviant Fixation (COMPLETED)

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Forever Lolita❤️ By Valencia_Carmelita Completed

Bloodshed brewed within his heart. How dare she plague his thoughts on missions. At his fix. Weaving into his art, deforming it. Rearranging his taste. Becoming the meaning of passion itself. 

He despised her beyond comprehension. He loathed her in a rage no one would be capable of understanding.

He had never perceived the kiss he had started off as an intent to punish her pristine Muslim girl image, would end up punishing himself. 

Punish her..punish her..punish her..

The words that had been consistently running through his head as he brutally attacked her lips over and over again. Each bite causing tremors of euphoria. Sizzling his insides out with sudden need. 

Then she had done the unthinkable for him. 

She had opened that filthy mouth. He tasted the heavenly drink within her. 

She had kissed back. 

It drove him to sickening delirium. 

Depths of insanity he never desired to return from. 

Until she started shoving him away. 

Her innocence develops utterly euphoric for him

  After the tragic death of her mother, Sanam Kashani, a simple Muslim girl-atleast to her own acknowledgement, finds herself enmeshed within a lethally  deceptive world of a multi-billionaire and his mafia, harboring hate for her on religion alone. 
Little does she know, her innocence morphs into another's basis of conflicting desire.
Cover credit goes to KAYY_ABDULLAH

 Contains mature content explicit language and sexual content ..
if you are below 18 years of age, 
or if you find such material offensive please refrain from reading.
 ALSO DO NOT ATTEMPT TO COPY OR REPRODUCE MY STORY ! It's a violation against the copyright laws.

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  • interracial
  • mafia
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Sapphires01 Sapphires01 Apr 30, 2017
Rhis sounds pretty interesting
                              When do u plan to complete this book?
Sapphires01 Sapphires01 Apr 30, 2017
Wasnt that a very um... important incident to be discussed separately instead of discussing it just by passing?
Society_is_overrated Society_is_overrated Jul 04, 2016
I'm sorry please disregard my previous message. I was being arrogant and ignorant, I apologize.
Yosra14 Yosra14 Aug 28, 2016
Couldn't get any better , great work Valencia , please keep it up <3
Your-Anonymous-One Your-Anonymous-One May 22, 2016
Don't...she's being a b*tch with a capital B,sisters are meant to be the..‘always there for you’ type not like Laila!
Beastfromthestreets_ Beastfromthestreets_ Nov 22, 2016
please update again! i missed the vladimir en sanam scenes, and the last chapter was totally hot by the way :P