Deviant Fixation

Deviant Fixation

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Valencia Carmelita By Valencia_Carmelita Updated Nov 16

♠️~Her innocence develops utterly euphoric for him~♠️

This is why it all goes wrong... he effects me so feverishly...but it's not righteous...its haraam.. forbidden..he's  not a Muslim...he loathes me..he loathes everything about me...

It's Wrong! So achingly wrong!  Maddeningly wrong! 

Yet at this very second, I'm drowning in his stare. Drowning in those intense pools of icy blue brewing up a magnetic storm. 

Right then a flicker of unmistakable hunger in his eyes. Only  serves to inflict a shiver of desire down my spine. 

My gesture slips unnoticeable. 
Without warning, he advances towards me. 
Potent as thunder and lightening. 

"D-don't come any closer"  weakly, my voice cracks. 

Yet I'm rooted to the spot.  "Don't t-touch me ! I w-won't allow it again!!"

  After the tragic death of her mother, Sanam Kashani, a simple Muslim girl-atleast to her own acknowledgement, finds herself enmeshed within a lethally  deceptive world of a multi-billionaire and his mafia.
Little does she know, her innocence morphs into another's basis of conflicting desire.
Cover credit goes to Bushra_Siddiqui

 May contain mature content explicit language and or sexual content ..
if you are below 18 years of age, 
or if you find such material offensive please refrain from reading.
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I'm sorry please disregard my previous message. I was being arrogant and ignorant, I apologize.
Yosra14 Yosra14 Aug 28
Couldn't get any better , great work Valencia , please keep it up <3
Don't...she's being a b*tch with a capital B,sisters are meant to be the..‘always there for you’ type not like Laila!
ruveyda_han ruveyda_han Nov 22
please update again! i missed the vladimir en sanam scenes, and the last chapter was totally hot by the way :P
Amrak324 Amrak324 Jul 01
Man #featuregoals meanwhile I look like a potato and on a good day a sausage
Girl I just read the blurb and your frickin good,keep it up!
                     min!let me go and read and make sure the story's as good as it seems :D!