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#Black Girl Problems

#Black Girl Problems

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Ashanti Major By ForeverReads Updated Apr 01, 2015

I know living as a black girl has its problems, and ups and down. Some of us can relate. Living day to day we face many challenges that other races may not understand. Some may never understand. We can come together and share our experiences and try to over come them though. But some are permanent.

Nostalgic_Queen_Xo Nostalgic_Queen_Xo May 30, 2016
I swear when the bus just dropped us off at school I said it smells like burnt hair and everyone was like umiriyah
Or at school when ur hair smells nice because u got that coconut on it but occasionally u smell the burnt and someone else does too but u gotta play it off like it ain't your hair
teenwolfaddict16 teenwolfaddict16 Dec 14, 2016
I'm terrified of flat irons, hot combs, and curling irons. My grandmother was flat ironing my hair one night and had it clamped on my ear thinking that it was my hair. It hurt so much that I couldn't even make a sound.
Amari___ Amari___ Dec 26, 2016
Yass I got my hair done by Africans snd they were so tight that three days later I had hair bumps on my edges and I could barely even lay my head down never again 👐
Magical_BaconHawk Magical_BaconHawk Jun 24, 2016
Yep, I flat ironed my hair for a summer and you can guess how that went
Im never flat ironing my hair again one of the worst mistakes ive ever done