His Disabled Mate.

His Disabled Mate.

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Azreal By Azrealena Updated Oct 17, 2015

Mary has lived her entire life in a wheel chair paralyzed from the waist down. She's used to her life being this way and she's used to the fact she will never be able to be like the other normal werewolf girls in her pack. She knows she'll never get to run through the trees as a wolf as long as she lives. 

Even though Mary has faced these facts and many more that come with her Disability she remains positive and upbeat if not for herself then for her father and brothers.

When a rogue problem is brought to her packs attention little Mary is in for a big surprise in the form of her mate, one of the most powerful werewolves in the world.

  • alpha
  • disability
  • fights
  • mate
  • romance
  • rouge
  • werewolf
Dude I can actually die from one bee sting if I’m not taken to a hospital
ThugBear6 ThugBear6 Oct 17, 2017
*wrinkles nose* i never was a big fan of ham and cheese sandwiches
*Starts thinking if I would do this for my brother with ADHD and my other younger siblings*
                              I’m don’t quite feel guilty but can’t say I’m proud with my choice.
ShipsFly ShipsFly Sep 11, 2017
Scent. If they can hear cookies baking, their ears would be ruined by now from normal day conversations.
Me when it comes to my brother. If someone tries to reject him for who he is, that person had better learn how to grow wings and fly or suddenly develop gills and dive deep into the ocean, but even then I will find them and I will kill them, with military issue weaponry if necessary.
TheWearyTraveler TheWearyTraveler Oct 30, 2016
Honestly I'd be insulted. One of the worst things you can do to a handicap person is treat them like a child and look down on them like that. I'm sure she's been in a wheelchair long enough to know how to do this by herself. Lol😬😣