Siblings (Zoro x Reader)

Siblings (Zoro x Reader)

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Kawaii-Kun By Kawaii-kun Updated Sep 11

"Be my nakama!" 

You and your brother looked at the strange rubber man who sat in front of you. I mean, sure you had an amazing time with him and his crazy crew, but did you really want to give up your entire life on the island for them?


Chapters get longer as the story progresses. Sorry for lame beginning! It gets better, I promise :)

**Im trying to keep the story curse free, as I am trying not to cuss. It would probably be a whole lot easier to write in character and easier to express feelings if I could, but sorry, no can do! Hope you enjoy!!

I can't do skirts or pink. I prefer baggy black jeans and a black t-shirt
Me and my brother can't even understand each other when we talk. And we can't stand each other enough to get on a ship together
I don't care how cute I guy is I am NEVER gonna wear a shirt for them
(((( ;°Д°)))) pink?! SKIRT!?!? *screams* 
                              (Lol you don't have to listen to what we want you know. This is your story! ^-^)
Yea, no, I cant do skirts or dresses.........or anything femine like pink, i chose A dark shade of
Why can't it be shorts?
                              Or pants?
                              Or something else descent?