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If Only (Nico di Angelo) {Complete} {#Wattys2015 #Feels}

If Only (Nico di Angelo) {Complete} {#Wattys2015 #Feels}

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Rawr By WildCatLover157 Completed

Erica Chase, daughter of Poseidon, new to Camp Half-Blood, is happier than she has ever been in her life. Sure, Percy and her get into little arguments every once in a while, and sure, people are kind of afraid of her...but she's still happy. Nico di Angelo, son of Hades, makes up for every bad thing that happens. But they're just friends...right? She can' in love? No. Impossible. Erica Chase never falls in love. She's steel.
Unless it's time for her steel heart to be melted.

_holy_water__ _holy_water__ Sep 17, 2016
This sentence is so similar to uncle Rick's writing style. xD
Hazelpelt Hazelpelt Nov 04, 2016
Aw, loved the first chapter! Hope the entire book is the same :)
Alasome Alasome Jan 31
If his father and her father are brother doesn't. That mean their cousins
GracieFacieisbae GracieFacieisbae Oct 03, 2016
It's all fun and games till Nico or Leo get stabbed..... The we kill the dam jerk who stabbed them!
It's called a hustle sweetheart.
                              Friend behind me: OOOOOO SHE HUSTLED YOU GOOOOD.
GracieFacieisbae GracieFacieisbae Oct 03, 2016
Did they get stabbed in the eye? If so who's Edwards godly parent?