The Hades Test

The Hades Test

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"My name is Adalia Kritant, and I can see, feel and communicate with ghosts."

Adalia has lived her life with a curse: the ability to see and hear the dead. It has caused her to miss out  on the joys of life. Friendship, happiness and love have eluded her, but she is destined for her own unique journey.

It changes the day she meets a ghost like none other. Nolan is almost alive in the way he walks, talks and reacts with the world around him. This mysterious specter shows her the joys of the living and the dead. The bond that results is steadyfast and can span beyond death, but Nolan has another mission. He has come to find closure for himself and his family, by discovering the identity of his murderer. Adalia will be drawn into a web of secrets and betrayal, a puzzle that will include her own broken family. Using her curse, and the knowledge of her guide, Adalia unravels the truth, and discovers a new world linked to her power and her destiny.

  • adventures
  • cursed
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  • ghosts
  • murder
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hads2807 hads2807 Feb 07, 2017
I love your beginning ! I really enjoyed your writing style, and want to continue reading to discover what  will happen to  Adalia thanks to your imagination that seems great :)
Bri-Ri Bri-Ri Sep 11, 2015
I'm not into paranormal books..but this is a Great exception!!!
                              Sounds Great!
starwarsanv starwarsanv Sep 07, 2015
Interesting to add taste and smell to the sensory experience with the ghosts. I am fascinated to see how you will expound on that more.
anonynova anonynova Jul 20, 2015
I have hearts coming out of my eyes right now....wait that sounds creepy.
                              I'm in love! the title though and this, if it's mythical count me in <3
ThisGoldenLife ThisGoldenLife Jul 13, 2015
@Runaway_artist  thank you so so much it's great to hear that you like it
Runaway_artist Runaway_artist Jul 13, 2015
This is so good! The way you describe things is just UNBELIEVABLY GOOD.  I don't know how you don't have more reads, votes and comments than you do now because you deserve more :)