The Science of Fear || Teen Wolf

The Science of Fear || Teen Wolf

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♤ melissa ♤ By AintThatDevine Updated Nov 18, 2015

{ h i a t u s }
Evil doesn't die. It never does. It only takes on a new face, a new name. Just because you've been touched once by it, it doesn't mean you're immune to ever being hurt again. Lightning can strike twice.
      And oh, how Beacon Hills knew it well.

     But let's be honest, if Marina Wurthers hadn't showed up, it would've gotten pretty dull. 

|| season 5 - original ||

  • beacon
  • derek
  • hale
  • hills
  • isaac
  • lahey
  • malia
  • mccall
  • peter
  • scott
  • stiles
  • stilinski
  • tate
  • teen
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SarcasticBadass SarcasticBadass Aug 03, 2016
Another good book just like the rest ! 
                              About Clairvoyant: ain't that devine !
SarcasticBadass SarcasticBadass Aug 03, 2016
Love this song 'Ain't nothing in this world's for free!'
                              I'phone's downfall.
honeymoonhufflepuff honeymoonhufflepuff Sep 07, 2015
ok can i just point out that when i was typing 'yas' it autocorrected to yashmak
AintThatDevine AintThatDevine Apr 15, 2015
@scundtracks thank you!! I'm crazy excited for this one, I just have to finish up some other fics before I jump into this one
tomriddIe tomriddIe Apr 15, 2015
OK this is amazing I've read all your stories and I love them all ugH you have the best plots I wanna scream. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS