Guilty Secrets (Not Edited)

Guilty Secrets (Not Edited)

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A 27 year old woman Namoi is engaged to 36 year old Jason. There will be many obstacles in this bumpy, but yet secretive 'engagement.'
 Affairs, Lies, The truth ?

Will the truth all come out, or will everybody have stay stuck in their Guilty Secrets?

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All rights reserved by Shy'Rissa McGuire

  • affairs
  • drama
  • guilt
  • hate
  • love
  • marriage
  • secrets
  • urban
Yeah but still, nobody want to be lonely all the time either
They laughing because they know that they about to get messed up
That's how it started, he feels entitled.. Like you ɴᴇᴇᴅ him. 🚫
Qveen_Nicole00 Qveen_Nicole00 Jan 02, 2017
You should never be completely dependent on a man even if y'all are married. Stuff can happen
-PapiEsha- -PapiEsha- Mar 06, 2016
That Ass Is Grass But That's Prob The Person Jason Wanted Her To Meet Damn
Lele_loveeee Lele_loveeee Mar 23, 2016
1st mistake never be a housewife. Something could go wrong and you could end up on the streets and he'll keep the house