Better Together (Sequel to 'Sister Hatred')

Better Together (Sequel to 'Sister Hatred')

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It's been a month since Lucy started living with Thomas and his mom. Everyday she must clean the kitchen and bathrooms. Lucy goes to the hospital every chance she gets, but nothing has changed.

Until that one day.

One day, the girls do wake up. They know they were in an accident, but they don't remember Lucy. 

Lucy must stay with the girls every weekend to see if they will remember her. Since the girls don't remember Lucy, she refused to talk.

Her heart is chained and her sisters are the only ones with a key.

Will the girls realize they are better together with Lucy?

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I imagined Lauren saying "she's adorable! Come here nugget"😍😍
U monster...*cries in Spanish* *yodels* *fist fights the air* *calms down*  I love your stories tho 😊
alphamalemixer1226 alphamalemixer1226 Jun 26, 2015
Sounds like a Cinderella story except that the Thomas is the wicked step bro
sugarybitterness sugarybitterness Jun 25, 2015
I see what you did there hehe why not make their doctor Dr Lyla too? ;)
GabrielaRiojas GabrielaRiojas Apr 08, 2015
ok im sorry but when ever i hear 'the peterson's' i always laugh because it reminds me of mr.peobody and sherman when they have guests over and it turns out to be penny