Percy Jackson avenging the domain

Percy Jackson avenging the domain

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Percy and annabeth are hard workers
Percy works at a aquarium 
He loves making the kids smile and laugh

A group of mortals come in one day and cause trouble

One gets on Percy's bad side and threats him

But if he thinks he can threat. The hero of Olympus 
And son of Poseidon 

He is wrong

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Not unless he's Cookie Monster ( so it would be me and Annabeth because how Cookie Monster talks)
IHateAnnabitch IHateAnnabitch 7 days ago
i feel like the gods should pay your bills and hades should bless you with riches
I don't care if your 17 or 20, you said it yourself you need to live quick so hurry up and get married already!
You don't need a promise ring percabeth will last for eternity
All da fish be like, "Son of the sea god! Son of the sea god!"
camv11 camv11 Jun 12
                              It's like my friend and I
                              We hold hands because e say: I one falls and dies, the other too