Percy Jackson avenging the domain

Percy Jackson avenging the domain

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Percy and annabeth are hard workers
Percy works at a aquarium 
He loves making the kids smile and laugh

A group of mortals come in one day and cause trouble

One gets on Percy's bad side and threats him

But if he thinks he can threat. The hero of Olympus 
And son of Poseidon 

He is wrong

That means if one dies, the other commits suicide?
                               That's a terrible promise.
                              Should have been:
                              No matter what, we will always love each other and if one of us die, the other will remember him/her with love but live life to the fullest and move on, and hope to see each other in Elysium.
England_From_Hetalia England_From_Hetalia Dec 05, 2016
Or is it. . . the eighth day?
                              Sorry. There's this book called "The Eighth Day."
Oasis_Wolf Oasis_Wolf Jun 15, 2016
Percy: *fixes tilted picture* Ah much better *entire house sets on fire*
                              Annabeth: HOW DID YOU EVEN?!?
hecate_spawn hecate_spawn Dec 21, 2016 don't mean to be a grammar Nazi but,
                              I JUST CAN'T. ITS FREAKING WHICH, OK. NOT. WITCH.
Iceprincess1998 Iceprincess1998 Jul 19, 2016
You know what's funny?we have a teacher at aki named Ms.Mills. and her eyebrows looks like the Nike sign. And it doesn't help that her makeup makes her look like a clown or that her right eyebrow was drawn wrong, making it upside down.
SULapisLazuli SULapisLazuli Sep 10, 2016
Annabeth- *is literally still in taxi*
                              Percy- *IMs Annabeth*
                              Annabeth- Percy What did you do I literally just got in the cab godammit