Just a little bit of your heart

Just a little bit of your heart

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The Snowflake house is composes of batards of Lords from the North of Westeros. They Lady of Snowflake had a maid as mother and her father is a  Mormont. The Lord of Snowflake had a prostitue and a Karstark. Lord and Lady Snowflake have two children the oldest is Harold "Harry" and their daugther Emily .

Emily Snowflake was sent to Dreadfort by her parents in order be a maid because the Snowflake house cannot pay their debs to the house Bolton . On my first day at Dreadfort I had to work in the kitchen .
Later that day I finished helping to cook the diner when someone thin poorly dress and smell really badly  who was shaking arrive and from the description I had from cooks he is Reek . I have to serve Lord Ramsay diner can I take it ? Wondered Reek. Sure you can have it  and then I handle him the plate and he leave the kitchen.  When I finish my work in the kitchen an old women is waiting for me. You must be Lady Emily Snowflake I'm Rose follow me and I'll show you your room she said....

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