Kaito Kid X Reader!~

Kaito Kid X Reader!~

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Arisu By fangirl7227 Updated Oct 11, 2015

The title said it all!

You are a detective and he is a thief. No love allowed in this little game. One chases the other. And the other tricks the first. But what if, just what if they were to meet in different circumstances? That question will be answered since fate is always looking for fun. So is Sonoko and her matchmaking. The tables will be turned and the thief chases the detective this time. Or maybe not, since the detective is still hot on his tail when she, herself, finds her new feeling.

 To those Kaito Kid or Kuroba Kaito fangirls, warning nosebleed may lay ahead deep in the story!!! To readers! The beginning sucks and the author is too lazy to delete it and rewrite the whole thing so read on and you shall see the improvements!!! 

To disclaimers: I don't own Detective Conan nor Magic Kaito! I do own my OCs and the plot! Oh! And the other OCs that I don't own belongs to their owners! So if I see some stealing... it won't be pretty.

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Arinome Arinome Jan 14
I like this chapter but for me the reader is more like a female Shinichi.
frxxckingvaldez frxxckingvaldez Apr 22, 2016
So that's why Sonoko...😂😂😂 i think most of the boys hate shopping😂
frxxckingvaldez frxxckingvaldez Apr 22, 2016
Running is more tiring than shopping if you ask sonoko😂😂😂
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 Jan 01, 2017
👍That's the spirit girl!!! And I would gladly put some threat there.
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 Jan 01, 2017
As the great detective of the North.... North Pole.... 😂😂😂😂
- - Oct 09, 2015
Well, nice for the beginning. Actually I had read this last year. But it's before I've been joining Wattpad. So, I can't comment. I'll go n go!