In the Land of the Norse King

In the Land of the Norse King

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The man who was feared on land and seas King Koll Vikarsson was finally captured by his biggest enemy; the Danish earl Jörgen. Many nights did he thought that he would be stuck in that black pit.. 

Her home, her freedom and her luck was all taken away from lady Astrid Karldóttir. She swore for revenge on the man who captured her. 

Revenge has a bittersweet taste.. The wiseman who said that was surely not a Viking..


Book 1 in the daughters of the Sea. 
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Amethyst Young

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  • drama
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VibekeAndersen948 VibekeAndersen948 Mar 19, 2017
This is so random, cuz Niels and Astrid are names that are still used today. Jørgen is a name that went out of fashion a few decades ago. I've never met anyone my age or younger (im from 1969) by that name ;) Where did you find Koll? I've never heard that before
SAParkes SAParkes Aug 08, 2017
Revenge is always the answer! Bloodfueds are the reason I fell in love with Vikings, and the fact my grandmother comes from Vikings
VibekeAndersen948 VibekeAndersen948 Mar 19, 2017
damn I'm Danish too LOL....and I'm no rat that's for sure....I'm a viking hehe
RosePiink RosePiink Mar 30, 2016
Translate: You fat ba tard looking like an ugly polar bear should die in hell!
RosePiink RosePiink Mar 30, 2016
Wonder what the feminazis would say about that statement😂😂😂😂😇
Love4Bieber Love4Bieber Jun 15, 2016
That is Google translate for ya! That is really badly translated. No disrespect to the author.