Behind Closed Doors (Lauren/you)

Behind Closed Doors (Lauren/you)

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RoyLPayne By RoyLPayne Updated Aug 23, 2015

Y/n pov

"What the fuck! You can't do that!" I screamed at my manager, Scott.

"I can and I am!" He yelled back as he was confiscating all of liquor and drugs located within my house.

"God damnit Y/n how much of this do you have!?"

"Not as much as I wanted" I shrugged.  He instantly shot me a glare, still searching for some of the hidden items.

"Why are you taking all my stuff?" I questioned as I sat on the couch and watched him look for more drugs.

"Because your image is a 19 year old badass party animal who fucks every girl that comes your way."

"And your point is...."

"Jesus Christ, the point is you have to get your act together and maybe find a girl to be with for more than a night."

"What if I dont want a girl for more than a night?" I questioned him.

"Let me put this in preschool terms since you struggle to understand what's going on.  Either you find a girlfriend on your own or I find one for you or else your career will be over.  Put some clothes on also." He stated.


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NormaniChestJiggles NormaniChestJiggles Jul 20, 2016
I told i don't have time for that *5H walks by* But today I got time
currentlystar_struck currentlystar_struck Dec 28, 2016
Huh I just realised in every fifth harmony/ you ... Your the person with the D!ck
                              ThATS not a problem but I just realised it.
bxrningfxre bxrningfxre Oct 12, 2015
wooow jesus I just happen to look hotter in this book oh well..