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The Billionaire's Beloved

The Billionaire's Beloved

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Otani love By brave_reader12 Updated Nov 11, 2016

"Hurry Ambrosia." My sister called from the register. I lifted my gaze from the box of Louboutin heels to send her a pointed look only to freeze. He stood by the doorway with his arms crossed staring at me.  His cold eyes were assessing me up and down. The temperature in the room began to decrease as took long, powerful strides towards me. The words were lodged in my throat as he finally reached me. "Hello Angel. Long time no see." He smirked seeing my body tremble. "Hello sir. How may I help you?" I said trying to keep my voice from cracking. He didn't seem fazed instead he smiled. "Let's talk outside, Angel." His cool minty breath invaded my senses as he bent down and whispered into my ear.  Tremors shook my body as he grabbed my hand and dragged me outside. 
One night wasn't enough. 

At 21, Ambrosia Johnson is a beautiful, curvy business Manger. Her life has been a roller coaster that seems to never end. The death of her mother was the final push as Ambrosia and her sister set out to start all over again. Managing a Boutique in The Big Apple everything seemed to be going uphill until she met Nixon Reed Montgomery. His presence allured her like a moth to the flame. Their Encounter was one for the stars to remember. Hot and unadulterated sex marked their night as their bodies became one. She awoke the next morning regretting everything and fled the crime scene in hopes of never seeing him again. Little did she know that She now belonged to him and he would be damned if she thought otherwise. He had become addicted to her and wouldn't let her escape him so easily.

Bishwhet01 Bishwhet01 Jan 31, 2016
"Then go look for them yourself" is what I could see myself saying. I known that would be bad customer service
ajixreads ajixreads Apr 11, 2015
I'm so hyped up for this!! Nixon...he sounds so sexy and mouthwatering teehee. I don't know why but I like this story already more than his one and only. Oops. Anyways awesome summary loved it. The excerpt was amazing your creativity never ceases to amaze me.