The Playboy Brother (NOT EDITED)

The Playboy Brother (NOT EDITED)

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WriterRH By WriterRH Updated 3 days ago

"You lost little girl?" 

His voice was masculine and deep making me nervous as he caged me against the wall with both his hands.

"If your looking for fun my room's across the hall...or we could do it here sweet cheeks I'm easy" 

I blushed and pushed his firm muscular chest back. No way was I doing anything with the college playboy and my best friends brother. Even if he was the hottest guy I'd ever seen.

That's like saying you should stay away from pizza *hair flips* girl it NEVER works
*makes a Liza face* what do teenagers do on tv's
                              *spits from laughing*
                              Xbox and chill 
                              You can kill me now
leecoleloca leecoleloca Sep 06
Good lord i literally slapped my hand over my eyes when he take her glasses
Daisyl124 Daisyl124 Nov 08
Right  now, I am like Fran saying "what did I do, to deserve such things!!! Why! Why! Why life why! And did he mean actually XBox or...?" 😂😂😂😂
Mhmm... Lier he just wants to play goldfish and hold hands:.. Lol inside joke