Change {Steve Rogers | Book Four}

Change {Steve Rogers | Book Four}

66K Reads 1.9K Votes 21 Part Story
| Emma Stark | By MarvelTime-Lady Completed

{Set In Agents Of SHIELD, Daredevil and Avengers Age Of Ultron} 


After the fall of SHIELD, Ashley finds out Bucky isn't the only one of her friends that isn't really dead and reconnects with an old friend who seems to be creating havoc in Hell's Kitchen. But being an Avenger isn't always fun, as a creation of Tony's threatens the Avengers and changes the way Ashley sees her actions.

{Book Four]

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lmaoreynolds lmaoreynolds Aug 29, 2017
When you don't watch agents of shield but still love this series
blueeyesdragon101 blueeyesdragon101 Mar 14, 2017
Mack is my favorite. I love Bobbie but Mack is my absolute favorite
GaigeHunter9 GaigeHunter9 May 16, 2017
PSH I wouldn't have guessed you made it up. There are so many funky names out there. This is way better than them lol
Bloooperss Bloooperss Jan 29, 2016
I may be a lil late to ask this, but I thought Agent Gomez was Emily VanCamp? Why change the actor? Just curious haha
Bloooperss Bloooperss Feb 11, 2016
What are your thoughts on Civil War and how would it affect Ashley, seeing that her two best friends from the 40s will be fighting her best friends from the 2010s? Whose side will she be on?
darkusangelus darkusangelus Jan 17, 2016
Hmm.....sounds a lot like a flux capacitor, from back to the future.